Monday, August 20, 2007

What Happened to José Santos Mejía Poot

José Santos Mejía Poot was shot and killed by three Portland Police officers in 2001 while he was mistakenly held as a patient in a private mental hospital.

Over the next few months we will create a complete site of all articles and documents publicly available about what happened to José Santos Mejía Poot.

When the site is finished, you will can learn what happened to José Santos Mejía Poot at our web site - What Happened to José Santos Mejía Poot.

This site is created and presented by the Mental Health Association of Portland.

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Bernardino said...

What Happened to Jose Santos Mejia Poot. This 29 year old Mayan speaking person was brutally beaten and killed by heartless Portland Police Officers trained with Tactical Police methods opposed to Community Policing methods. Vera Kats hired Chief Kroeker who had left the Los Angeles Rampart Division in the worst history of police abuse to come and work in Portland, Oregon. Vera Kats and Sam Adams supported this hire of Mr. Kroeker and are also responsible for the police methods that killed many people in Portland. Interestingly, after Mr. Kroker left Portland went to work in Bosnia to help train police in this war torn country that was responsible for Ethnic cleansing. What happened to Jose Santos Mejia Poot? He was brutally beaten twice by police then killed by the same police office two days later. A system breakdown both by community and institutions like Tri-Met, Portland Police Department's lack of community policing, Mental Health services lack of cultural sensitivity. The community failed and so did the City Hall elected officials. What came out of this man's death. More killings because nothing changed.